World’s Population Is A Lot More Obese Now

By Gurdeep Pandher – Although there are regions where food scarcity is a seemingly insurmountable problem, causing people to become malnourished and susceptible to diseases, it is doubtless that the growing global prosperity is easing the lives of those who used to be extremely impoverished. However, as famine is being resolved by new agricultural technologies…

Be A Child Again

Do you remember those carefree days you spent when you were young, not a care in the world? Do you sometimes sit at home wondering what happened to the past version of yourself that loved ice cream cones, ran through sprinklers, and rode your bike everywhere? Obviously, we grow up and our interests shift, but…

Dealing with Sadness – Ideas and Advice

We live in a crazily driven modern world. Our modern world and the pace of living in it often brings us all manner of complications, as well as a lot of fatigue and disappointment. For example, loss of a friend or family member may set us back in life. Even a friend or close family member who is in the hospital due to health problems may give you a sense of sadness that is very hard to shake off.

Life Stays Healthy with Healthy Eating Habits

Portion control is the most important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Too much of anything, even vegetables and fruits, can wreak havoc on your body. Unless you are very active, the excess food is stored in your body as fat; and you don’t need me to tell you that fat storage is not what you want.