An Interview with Karina Inkster- Author of Vegan Vitality

Karina Inkster is a Vancouver based author, fitness coach, certified personal trainer with a master’s degree in gerontology, specializing in health and aging, and music lover. When she was 11, she became vegetarian and after 4 years, she went complete vegan. She embraced a plant-based lifestyle and recently wrote a beautiful book titled Vegan Vitality. As the name suggests, this book provides detailed information about benefits of a vegan lifestyle, how to adopt plant-based diets, quick vegan recipes for busy professionals with photos, and many inspiring stories from her personal life about healthy living.

A twelve years old writer and already writing 5 books

A literary dialogue with Ursula and her mother Rachel Westfall Ursula is a twelve years old published author. She has a passion for writing and is already working on 4-5 books. Ursula’s mother Rachel Westfall is also an author and an avid fiction reader. Mother and daughter were going on walks through the forest in the evenings, they were…